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Howto:Calculate elevations

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There is a specific script in FlightGear that enables the calculation of the elevation at a specific longitude and latitude. The script is called find_elevations.pl and is located in the FG source directory under: scripts/perl/examples/find_elevations.pl.

To use it:

  1. Launch FG like this: fgfs --fdm=null --telnet=5401
  2. Then, in a separate window, launch the script: ./find_elevations.pl.
  3. Enter the longitude and latitude of the object for which you want to get the elevation.

For instance:

olivier@olivier-portable:/var/www$ ./find_elevations.pl
-3.926816 48.632452 62.37586682

For a longitude of -3.926816 and a latitude of 48.632452, the elevation is 62.37586682.


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