Howto:Build your own procedure trainer

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A first version of the PMPT - functional!


This page is about building your own procedure trainer device using basically FlightGear, other OpenSource software and home brew hardware. It is probably far from being a FNPT Flight Navigation Procedure Trainer , so I'd like to call it a PMPT for Poor Man's Procedure Trainer. The goal is to have most of the components, "real" FNPT have:

  • A realistic flight dynamics model
  • An instrument panel with realistic looking instruments and controls with realistic behaviour.
  • An outside 3d-view rendering the world scenery (but not our own aircraft)
  • As many controls as affordable (yoke, rudder, switches, buttons, radios)
  • Aircraft is completely flyable without keyboard and/or mouse

The Components

Instrument Panel

Outside View

Yoke and Switch Panel

Rudder Pedals

Radio Panel

The Basic Hardware Interface

The Almighty USB HID Controller

Circuit Board


Panel Controller

Yoke Controller