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Howto:Adding gun effects

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With Flightgear's increasing capabilities, dogfight effects such as bullets and smoke on hit are now supported! You'll need FlightGear version 1.9 or later, in order to use the effects!


There is no default key/button binding for a trigger in FlightGear, so you'll have to make your own. An obvious choice would be the trigger on a joystick, but you can also make a keyboard binding by adding something like this to your keyboard.xml file:

<key n="119">
 <desc>Gun Trigger</desc> 

In the code, we have used w as the trigger. You can change it to a choice of your own. Joystick bindings are a bit more complex, but are explained in the wiki article on Joysticks.

Compatible Aircraft

All aircraft equipped with guns in Dave's hangar are capable to perform dogfights. Like: