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Howto:Adding gun effects

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With Flightgear's Increasing New Capabilities, We now have Dogfight Effects Such as Bullets and Smoke on Hit!


You First Need to Bind a key for the Trigger. To do this goto Your Flightgear Data Directory and Edit Keyboard.xml. Add the Following :

 <key n="119">
        <desc>Gun Trigger</desc> 

In the Code, we have used w as the trigger. Change it to a Choice of your own!

Compatible Aircraft

All Aircraft in Dave's hangar having Guns have this Feature. Example : Embraer AT-29 Super Tucano, McDonnell F-4N Phantom II, Republic F-105D Thunderchief , McDonnell FGR.2 Phantom II etc...

Some Screenshots(Credits-peter!)

File:Dogfight-Bronco.jpg File:Dogfight.jpg