Horizontal Situation Indicator

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General Description

The HSI in FlightGear's Seneca

HSI is the acronym for Horizontal Situation Indicator. Sometimes it is also called Pictorial Navigation Indicator. It combines a standard Directional Gyro (DG) and Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) into one single instrument and reduces the pilots workload by displaying the aircraft's heading and position relative to a desired course in a compact manner.

The well known drift of a standard Directional Gyro is usually compensated by the use of a slaved gyro system that constantly corrects the heading indication.

The purpose of this document is to briefly describe the indicators and the usage of a HSI instrument.


Compass Card / Compass Rose

NAV Warning Flag

HDG Warning Flag

Lubber Line

Course Select Pointer / Cursor

Course Deviation Bar

Course Deviation Scale

Glideslope Pointer

Glideslope Deviation Scale

Heading Select Bug

Symbolic Aircraft

To/From Indicator

Course Select Knob

Heading Select Knob