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This page is meant to help you with the use of templates on the wiki.

Editing or creating templates

Editing a template is almost as easy as editing a normal wiki page. Lets say, you want to edit a template with the name "what you always wanted to know". To do so open "" (mind the underscores, that replace the spaces!). If you created a new template, you can embed it in any wiki article from now on by writing: {{what you always wanted to know}} (insert the template name here).

Translating templates

Translating templates is working different than translating normal articles. All translations are written in the same file. The translated text (in this case a German and a Spanish one) is surrounded by the following construct:

{{ #ifeq: {{#titleparts: {{PAGENAME}} | 1 }} | De | German text... | {{ #ifeq: {{#titleparts: {{PAGENAME}} | 1 }} | Es | Spanish text... | English text... }} }}

This is a script, which tells the wiki software, that the block containing the German text should only be evaluated, if the name of the page, the template is embedded in, contains the "De" text pattern, which can be found in all names of German wiki-pages. The Spanish translation is treated the same way. If none of the language codes is found in the pages name, we can be sure, it is an English one or another language, which is not handled so far by the template and apply the English version of the text. Do not forget the closing brackets at the end. You need two of them for every translation, except for the English. Of course this works for any language. Just look up your language code.

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Airbus A380
Type Airliner
Author(s) Ampere K.
--aircraft= /A380









Status Under development


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Schiphol in the FlightGear NL scenery
Schiphol in the FlightGear NL scenery
Type public
Owner Schiphol Group
City Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Runway Length Material
18R/36L 3800 m Asfalt
06/24 3490 m Asfalt


Location New York, United States
Age 21
Job Pilot
Interest(s) FlightGear, Computers, Aircraft
MP callsign(s) jackie
Favourite aircraft Boeing 747-400, Cessna C172