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FlightGear can use flightplans stored in property-list xml files.

Property-list format

<?xml version="1.0"?>

AI Flightplans

Each waypoint can contain the following tags:

  • <name> - Waypoint name, if END AI model is deleted
  • <lat> - Latitude, decimal degrees
  • <lon> - Longitude, decimal degrees
  • <alt> - Altitude above mean sea level, feet
  • <crossat> - Crossing altitude, feet
  • <ktas> - Knots true air speed
  • <on-ground> - True if on ground, if in air or in a tunnel set to false
  • <gear-down> - True for gear down, false for gear up
  • <flaps-down> - True for flaps down, false for flaps up

Using the flightplans in FlightGear

Through the route manager

For AI models

1rightarrow.png See AI Systems#AI Models for the main article about this subject.

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