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FlightGear on Android

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Reason for the nomination: All links are unavailable, nothing ever emerged out of this initiative and the page contains no further info. Serious doubts that the screenshots are indeed showing FlightGear on Android.

This article describes content/features that may not yet be available in the latest stable version of FlightGear (2018.3).
You may need to install some extra components, use the latest development (Git) version or even rebuild FlightGear from source, possibly from a custom topic branch using special build settings: .

This feature is scheduled for FlightGear (unknown). 10}% completed

If you'd like to learn more about getting your own ideas into FlightGear, check out Implementing new features for FlightGear.

FlightGear on Android
FOA Logo.png
Started in 08/2012
Description Port FlightGear to run on the Android platform
Contributor(s) BlueSnowMan, Sebasgokart, Spitfirebruce21,Nebkat (since 08/2012),
Status Inactive
Website [1]
Note  Also see Building FlightGear - Cross Compiling

Flightgear On Android is a project planning to get FlightGear onto the popular Android mobile devices. It is based on the FG official repos.


Please see Howto:Optimizing FlightGear for mobile devices

Hardware & Software Requirements

Your device should have at least a 1GHz processor and decent graphics chip (OpenGL ES2). Android 2.3 (min.) is a must and the device must be "rooted" (Rooting Wikipedia article for more info).

Our grand plan

The aim is to get a stable release onto Android, at the moment we have several builds ready for ALPHA, at this stage only to run on the supported devices as we have applied specific optimisations and changes Listed here plus one generic build.

The delay for release was due to major code changes with versions of Android & versions of FlightGear.

Development Progress

The development is progressing well, but any help would be appreciated.

At current the most we could want would be testers.

If you would like to help out send a email to BLUSNOWMAN (with the subject 'FOA Testing' and your device details (model, specs)). Your device will be available faster if this happens!

ALPHA release (Current)

ALPHA 1.1 is our first release. How to get it:

Fill out this Google Docs form to express your interest in the project.

We will get back to you with the files that you will need!!! We will email all the applicants with a link to download a ZIP file for FOA for their device or a generic build. The sources will be up this soon on the FOA Github Organisation.


New beta launcher.  
Preview on Nexus 4.  
Alpha FOA launcher.  
FOA running.  
The Ica's Stone  
Flightgear in the applications list.  
Flightgear on the Xperia Z (Promo banner).  

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