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'''Note''' that the most recent copy of our "contribution guidelines" is '''always''' the one available here:
'''Note''' that the most recent copy of our "contribution guidelines" is '''always''' the one available here:
  [http://scenemodels.flightgear.org/contribute.php http://scenemodels.flightgear.org/contribute.php]
: http://scenemodels.flightgear.org/contribute.php
This Wiki-Copy, instead, might be out of date.
This Wiki-Copy, in contrast, might be unmaintained.
===Contributing Positions===
===Contributing Positions===

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The FlightGear Scenery Database collects all 3D objects that are placed in the FlightGear World Scenery releases.


Date Models Objects Signs Authors
1 June 2008   786 994.057 - -
15 October 2008 1269 1.038.108 573 -
5 December 2008 1306 1.038.477 679 64
7 January 2009 1340 1.036.978 723 65
6 March 2009 1392 1.113.341 723 66
6 June 2009 1501 1.113.531 723 67
4 November 2009 1621 1.115.669 967 72
9 March 2010 1725 1.117.244 968 77


Note that the most recent copy of our "contribution guidelines" is always the one available here:


This Wiki-Copy, in contrast, might be unmaintained.

Contributing Positions

If you wish to contribute positions for the many shared models that are already available then these are best submitted in either the stg format used in the scenery, or the xml files produced by the UFO scenery editor. These files should be emailed to fgfsdb at stockill dot net. If you have data available in other formats please contact me at the same address as I may be able to help with converting and importing it for you.

Contributing Models

If you wish to help populate the world with interesting objects (yes, we really are aiming for total world domination here :-) then we'll need the following details.

Mandatory submission items

  • A package (preferably like a ZIP-file) which contains the 3D model itself in a format supported by FlightGear or a reference to a model already present in the database;
    • Multiple models may well be packaged together into a single file - as long as it is obvious to us which files belong to which model (for example by separating models into different directories);
    • Please choose reasonable filenames for your models - at urban areas having a geometry 'tower.ac' or a texture just named 'red.rgb' might prove not to be unique ;-)
    • As a rule of thumb please try to let even a detailed, single model not exceed 1/2 MByte in total size, otherwise the simulation will face hard times when approaching densely packed areas. A typical office building usually can be done at (far!) less than 100 kByte.
  • Model placement:
    • Position (if appropriate; either lon/lat, or Ordnance Survey grid - other grids can be added on request);
    • Heading (if appropriate);
    • Ground elevation (if known to the author) - please report if the model has to be sunken into the ground in order to display properly !!;
    • .... or just simply submit the respective .stg-line with your model.
  • Full name of author (if not already known);
  • E-Mail of author (if not already known, will not be published, just as a reference);
  • A notice which tells us that your submission is covered by the GPL (if not already known);
    • Please tell us how to name the model;
    • The nature of the FlightGear project does not allow us to accept submissions that don't comply with the GPL;
  • Please tell us how to name the model (like 'Tour Eiffel - Paris - France').

Optional submission items

  • A 320x240 thumbnail containing an advantageous view on the model/object as (JPEG) image - this is preferred for a nice representation of your artwork;

Nice-to-have submission items

  • Country in which the model is located (if known to the author);
  • Additional short comment on the author;
  • After positive experience a simplified procedure is avaliable/recommended upon negotiation.

NOTICE: Please, to save you and us from avoidable and unnecessary extra work:

  • Don't group different, detached buildings into a single geometry file;
  • Don't put surface materials into Scenery Model geometries.
  • Apron, taxiway, runway or other airport pavements are being maintained at Robin Peel's airport database.

The reason is simple: Ignoring these recommendations will likely expose your contribution to rendering artefacts with the next major Terrain update.

Don't hesitate to send us an early release of your model with still unfinished details. It's always possible to update the respective metadata entry with a refined model - especially when the placement of the model doesn't change any more.

Upload facilities

Facilities to handle the uploading of your own model data are not yet complete, but the data can currently be submitted in 2 ways:

  • By Email
    • Send a message containing the info above, to (sorry for the anti spam measures, I'm sure you understand): fgfsdb at stockill dot net or Martin dot Spott at mgras dot net .
  • By anonymous FTP

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