FlightGear Expo Checklist

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This chapter is meant to collect and sum up people's experience with demonstrating Flightgear on expos. It should contain simple things like "don't forget to pack the silver screen for the beamer" or "how to prepare multi-display-setups" but also proposals on merchandising articles and what to bring for which type of exhibition.

We'll start with a collection of ideas that have been floating around.

  • Merchandising: Have the World Scenery available on DVD for sale.
  • Have various versions of FlightGear (source, binaries, scenery, base package) for sale as well.
  • Have (a) beamer(s), so our graphics look a bit more impressive than on a 17" TFT screen.
  • Bring adaptors to connect real aviation headsets to our equipment - this might prove to become tricky, as the 'real' headset's microphone impedance won't match the usual PC-style stuff.
  • It might be a good idea to have printed a few copies of some of the technical reports that have been presented for FlightGear and related or constituent parts. Don't present the papers more than pointing over to a stand with printouts for those interested in the technical details. This will give the necessary background info to the few advanced visitors to the booth and will not overstrain the others...
  • Prepare and - if possible - test settings for multiplayer- and/or multiscreen-setups as well as VoIP-equipment before heading for the show.
  • Make sure you _really_ know how to disable screen-savers before you head for the show !!
  • Make sure you'll have the required hardware for the show, start contacting possible supporters months, not only weeks before the show.
  • Bring table clothes that makes your booth look nicer.
  • Prepare nameplates for booth staff.
  • Bring network and power cable, contact exhibition staff wether public network is available.
  • Find someone to design posters and flyers, find someone to print these.
  • Check if you are allowed to bring your own water kettle to prepare tea.
  • Bring your own mug and probably a plate, so you won't starve or dry up on the booth.
  • Check the power consumption of the computers you prepared to bring; see if it matches the expected power supplies - modern multi-CPU machines are rated at up to 1 kW !
  • Bring multiple sets of power cords so you'll be able to distribute the load over multiple sockets, if necessary.
  • Gaffer/Duck tape is always useful. In particular, taping down power/network cables reduces the chance of someone tripping on them.