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1rightarrow.png See FlightGear Wizard for the main article about this subject.


With the FlightGear Admin Wizard (FGAdmin) it is possible to install new scenery on a simple and quick way, in case one does not, cannot, or does not want to use terrasync.


  1. Download a scenery chunk from FGFS Scenery Downloads and place it somewhere on your computer where you could find it back (your desktop?).
  2. Open FGAdmin (on Windows you'll find it at FlightGear/bin/win32) and you'll see a window like you see on the pic right of this text.
  3. Click Select Scenery Source to select the folder where you've stored your scenery chunk. Tick the box in front of your scenery file.
  4. Press Select Install Destination and select the FlightGear scenery folder (usually FlightGear/data/scenery).
  5. Now press Install Selected Files to install the scenery. You see the progress in the bar below the button.
  6. Close the wizard with the Quit button.
  7. You could remove the file you've downloaded from FlightGear.org after you made a test fly above the scenery you just installed.

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