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This Page is a draft.

Flightgear Blender Development Tools / This page is actively being written

Flightgear Blender Development Tools
Export of ESRI Shapefiles
Started in 2018-Jan
Description Various tools to help content authors
Maintainer(s) Scott Giese
Contributor(s) Scott Giese (xDraconian)
Status Under active development


BTG import of PHNL Honolulu and surrounding area

Flightgear Blender Development Tools (a.k.a FGBlenderTools) are a set a Blender addon tools to aid content authors in producing scenery and aircraft for Flightgear.


Add-ons planned for initial release

After placing the add-ons packages into Blender's /scripts/addons_contrib folder (e.g. <Blender_Dir>/bin/<release>/scripts/addons_contrib) you will need to activate the add-ons via the File > User Preferences... dialog. The add-ons will appear in the Testing Support Level section.