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Evektor EV-55

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Reason for the nomination: Aircraft is no longer available as the author removed it because of being an incorrect, incomplete model and not a good base for further development as well.

The Evektor EV-55 Outback is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft that was designed and is built in the Czech Republic by Evektor-Aerotechnik. The prototype first flew on 24 June 2011.

Development status

  • Exterior modelling 70}% completed
  • Interior modelling 80}% completed
  • Panel modelling 50}% completed Panel modeled, photo-textured, some switches, throttle, mixture, flaps and lamps modelled(lamps not animated), function of many switches unknown
  • FDM 80}% completed
  • Permission from Evektor Done Done


This aircraft is available via git: https://github.com/D-ECHO/EV55 It will be uploaded to FGADDON as soon as it's reasonably finished.


Contributing is very welcome! Leave a post at the forum thread.

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