Eurofighter Typhoon: Flight Manual

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This document is a work in progress. We aim to produce a concise guide to flying the Eurofighter Typhoon and operating its systems. Keep checking back - as things are added to the aircraft, so they'll be documented here - we hope to make these updates in a timely manner, ideally when new versions of the aircraft are released.


The Eurofighter Typhoon is an agile, multirole combat aircraft designed upon relaxed stability principles.


Eurofighter Typhoon for FlightGear was developed by Maverick Alex, DFaber, Almursi, Algernon and other contributors. This document initialised by --Algernon 16:28, 28 June 2011 (EDT)

Develop & Cusomise

See Eurofighter Typhoon: Development Documentation

Flight Controls

The aircraft is controlled via stick, throttle and rudder pedals, whose motions are processed by the Flight Control System and appropriate signals are passed to the flight control surfaces, the canards, flaperons and rudder.

Flight Control System

The FCS can be bypassed, but this is not recommended under normal flight conditions.



Nav Aids

Navigational assistance is provided by the Navigation Computer, guiding the pilot along a heading, route or beam using information from the two primary navigation systems, Route Manager and TACAN. Relevant information is displayed on the Head Up Display