Eurocopter EC130 B4

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Eurocopter EC130 B4
Type Civilian Helicopter
Author(s) Heiko Schulz, Melchior Franz, FlightGear Community
--aircraft= ec130
Status Alpha/Beta


This is a model of a Eurocopter EC130 B4, a single engine light helicopter based and developed from their AS350's. Indeed “EC130 B4” is just a marketing name by Eurocopter, the real name is still AS350 B4. It is a widebody variant of the AS350 B3 with a completely new designed passenger cabin and fuselage, and equipped with a fan tail instead of the conventional two-blade tailrotor. With this the EC130 B4 is much less noisier than other helicopters of this class. The helicopter was designed especially for tours, so it features a great visibility, a left-seated pilot and plenty of space inside. The EC130 B4 is also used by the police in Long Beach/CA and by several medical services.

The model was built using very detailed drawings, the Pilots Flight Manual and pilot reports.


This Model is a try and a WIP to get a realistic and complete simulation of a helicopter. With using Nasal-scripting nearly all main systems has been simulated to a degree which wasn't available at this time on FGFS's helicopters. The FlightDynamicModel is custom made and though a lot of values could only be guestimate, it should give an good impression on how the real one flies. Systems and Procedures are based on the real Flight Manual and as there is no Autostart available the helicopter has to be started and shutdown by using the checklist. The exterior model is detailed and accurate, using high-resolution textures and the latest bump-spec-reflection-shader. The mainrotor is detailed and animated including blade-flex-bend. Livery-over-mp including dynamic configurable external stores like skibox, deployable emergency floats, FLIR's etc. which affects CoG, weight and drag.