Edinburgh to Oban

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This flight takes us from Edinburgh (EGPH), the capital of Scotland, to Oban (EGEO), a picturesque town on the west coast of Scotland. It mirrors a flight I made in real life in my microlight (also known as a trike, flexwing or ultralight) in May 2009.

Pictures from the real flight can be found here: [1]. That particular flight actually took off from my home airfield of East Fortune, and took 2 hours at 70mph, but that runway is a bit short for most GA aircraft, and taking off from Edinburgh shortens the flight slightly.

For those not using Terrasync, the required scenery is w010n50.

The distance between the airports is 75nm (85 statute miles), with an on-course heading of 294 degrees magnetic.

Our flight starts from Edinburgh International Airport (EGPH). I would suggest using a GA aircraft, as the Oban runway is "only" 1420m long. For example, those using the command line might enter the following.

fgfs --aircraft=rallye-MS893 --airport=EGPH --timeofday=morning