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To help newly registered users get more familiar with the wiki (and maybe older users too) there is now a {{Welcome to the wiki}} template. Have a look at it and feel free to add it to new users discussion pages (and perhaps your own).

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Grumman F-14B Tomcat cockpit
Zeppelin NT at dusk

Willkommen im FlightGear Wiki!

Mit zwei Dinge sollte man sich etwas befassen bevor man loslegt am Wiki zu arbeiten. Zum einen mit der technischen Basis für das Wiki Mediawiki, zum anderen ein paar FlightGear-Wiki "Designrichtlinien". Das FlightGear Wiki ist eine Sammlung von von ehrenamtlichen Helfern erstellten, FlightGear bezogenen, Artikeln. Das Wiki ist unter der GNU GPL Version 2 veröffentlicht.

Da es sich beim FlightGear Wiki nicht um ein Nachschlagewerk, wie z.B. die Wikipedia, handelt, müssen nicht zwingend Referenzen in den Artikeln vorhanden sein. Viele der Artikel können gar keine Referenzen haben, da sie sich nur auf FlightGear beziehen und sich hier im Wiki die Urfassung findet.

Allerdings muß darauf bestanden werden, daß wenn jemand Zitiert wird oder der Artikel Texte aus anderen Quellen enthält auch die entsprechenden Referenzen angegeben werden.

Other than that, the standards and specific goals of the FlightGear are still in flux and development.

Über das FlightGear Wiki

The FlightGear wiki is currently small, technically oriented, and international. In addition to all sorts of people, regular volunteers include pilots, 3D modelers, professors, and programmers from around the world sharing an interest in FlightGear documentation.

Articles tend to be about whatever someone sees as important, useful, or fun enough to write about!

Using the software

Writing and editing with Mediawiki code (currently using version 1.11.1) can take some getting used depending on your background, because unlike most word processors you can see and type software code used for formating and linking. If you already know HTML or a programming language then what are you doing reading this! If you have just used Open Office, then it is still easy to get started. Try using the formating buttons at the top of the edit window to format your text.

More on what to write

The FlightGear wiki has 3,083 articles (although only a few dozen of these are well developed) and only a handful of active contributors, with most days only a dozen or so edits being made.

If you are interested in working or building on what has already been done:

Currently the wiki has three main areas that need to be maintained.

  • Portal:Developer related- these are mostly technical articles aimed at people working on FlightGear.
  • Help documentation related- on the User side, articles about how to get started, how to use features, FAQ, etc..(like FAQ)
  • Official aircraft- keeping the aircraft up to date with those on CVS. (like Table of models)

Also, there are the Stubs, Considered for deletion and Cleanup categories. These articles have been noted as needing more information, a cleanup and/or other additions. Great to start your wiki-career or if you don't like to start a completely new article!

Other interesting pages include things like Real Life Experience, Linux software audio mixing with FlightGear, Current events, or Presentation Recipe!

Well that sounds exciting! Good luck!

Creating a new article

Fill your new articles name in the search box and press OK. If the article doesn't exist yet, you can click the Create article link to start your new article.