Dassault Mirage 2000

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Mirage 2000C/RDI
A Mirage 2000 ready for brake release
A Mirage 2000 ready for brake release
Type Fighter aircraft, Interceptor aircraft, Military aircraft
Configuration Delta-wing aircraft
Propulsion Jet aircraft, Single-engine aircraft
Manufacturer Dassault
Author(s) Fabrice Kauffmann
--aircraft= mirage2000
Status Early development
 Website The website for the Mirage 2000C/RDI developments.
 Repository The development repository of the Mirage 2000C/RDI.
Download Download the Mirage 2000C/RDI aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.1).
License GPLv2+


The model described here is the Dassault Mirage 2000 early version with the 2D cockpit and dark, somewhat inaccurate graphics. While passable as a Mirage 2000, some strange shading effects persist, such as darkness on one side of the aircraft at high noon, and grey coloured tires.

The 2D cockpit is reasonably detailed as shown in the images, but disappears once the view is moved around using the mouse view key. You can always get the view back by going to the menu and enabling cockpits settings.

The autopilot works fine in roll and wing leveling mode and the aircraft is easy to fly and land, but not allowing the nose up attitude that delta winged aircraft display on landing, in other words no high alpha behavior, though further testing is needed.

File Reviewed: mirage2000.zip 1.0 MB (1,039,903 bytes)

Since the last review I had a chance to fly the Mirage 2000 on a newer machine with better graphics. The 2D panel requires that the F-16 model is installed in FG since some of the instruments are borrowed or referenced from this Mirage 2000 configuration files. I have uploaded some screenshots running in Flight Gear 1.0

Improvements Needed:

  • 3D cockpit ( it has been so far impossible to enable the 3d cockpit view but attempts continue)
  • Improved canopy shape (too far forward)
  • Improved wheel shapes
  • Improved pilot shape (the one in the Mirage 5 is a good replacement)
  • 3D instruments
Mirage 2000 (2007 early version) 2D panel view
Mirage 2000 just landing at dusk with its wheels sunk in the pavement