Changelog 2020.1

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Nasal Scripting

GC Improvements:


  • [Backward compatibility breakage] Gyros are now measuring rotation rates instead of rotational accelerations. Gyros that measure rotational accelerations do not exist in the real world.
  • Output properties of flight control elements are no longer tied. This saves a lot of spurious warning messages and allows direct references of the same properties among several flight controls.
  • Water vapor in the atmosphere is now managed through its mass fraction rather than its partial pressure. The former being the physical quantity that is conserved when pressure and temperature vary.
  • Check that there are at least 3 contacts before trying to trim on ground.
  • ECEF to ECI frame conversion has been moved from FGLocation to FGPropagate and FGInitialConditions since not all FGLocation need to manage that.
  • Gravity computations have been moved to FGInertial because it is where all the constants to compute gravity are stored. This reduces the amount of data transmitted between FGInertial and FGAccelerations.
  • Added optional transmission of the simulation time for FG UDP interface
  • Code cleanup and use more C++11 idioms (override, constexpr, range-based for loop, etc.)
  • The existence of the property that is used for table independent vars is now checked during execution rather than when the XML definition is parsed. This relaxes the order in which filters, table and more generally flight controls need to be declared in the XML definition files.