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Changelog 2017.3

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This changelog is a draft.

This changelog is currently being written for the FlightGear v2017.3 release. Feel free to help! If you are aware of any FlightGear related changes, please add them to the changelog.


  • detailed Carrier USS Harry Truman and escort group, with many animated elements, using experimental wave motion

Property tree

  • C++ versions of props.nas setValues/setChildren() Improve performance of Nasal properties access by implementing the setValues/setChildren props.nas functions in C++ [1]


  • Multiple flightplans fixed and is now possible to be controlled from Nasal. See Nasal_Flightplan.


  • Starting on carriers fixed
  • Simple API to add addons to FlightGear without the need to mess around with FGData/Nasal or FGHome/Nasal directories.


  • More than 1000 screenshots now allowed


  • new Mediterranean tree textures, new desert shrub textures


  • Support for AI wake turbulence added. (a small code snippet needs to be added to the plane)


  • Volumetric grass effect utilizing a geometry shader, based on work by Fernando Garcia Linan
  • Helicopter rotor wash effect for volumetric grass and water shaders
  • consistent snow implementation for OSM roads and buildings
  • directionally visible car lights for the OSM traffic shader
  • realistic daytime-dependence of road traffic