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| [[EDLE]] || Essen-Mühlheim || Taxidraw || unknown ||
| [[EDLE]] || Essen-Mühlheim || Taxidraw || unknown ||
| [[EDLN]] || Mönchengladbach || Taxidraw || unknown ||
| [[EDLN]] || Mönchengladbach || Taxidraw || Redone v850 layout || So far only full taxisigns and aircraft ways, working on models next
| [[EDVE]] || Braunschweig || many models || unknown ||
| [[EDVE]] || Braunschweig || many models || unknown ||

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ICAO-Code Name of Airfield/Town Status (published) Status (development) Comment
EDAH Heringsdorf, Usedom Taxidraw unknown nice coastal site
EDDB Berlin-Schönefeld Taxidraw unknown
EDDF Frankfurt am Main many models, Taxidraw Custom Scenery, refinements many models, interactive traffic, moving Skytrain
EDDK Köln-Bonn Taxidraw unknown
EDDM München many models, Taxidraw unknown many models, interactive traffic (After update via Terrasync)
EDDC Dresden 1 model 1 model
EDDH Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel some models unknown
EDDI Berlin-Tempelhof some models unknown
EDDL Düsseldorf some models unknown
EDDP Leipzig/Halle many models Models (Terminal C), improved Taxidraw Everything published via TerraSync: DHL hub, taxiway bridges over highway, taxiway signs, modelled villages
EDDT Berlin-Tegel some models unknown
EDDV Hannover Taxidraw Tower Terminals and other models from Heliflyer have yet to be brought into proper shape.
EDDW Bremen Airport generic many models
EDFM Mannheim some models unknown
EDHL Lübeck Blankensee models (excl. Tile) models (incl. Tile)
EDKB Bonn-Hangelar some models not yet published
EDLA Arnsberg-Menden generic unknown nice wavy pasture
EDLE Essen-Mühlheim Taxidraw unknown
EDLN Mönchengladbach Taxidraw Redone v850 layout So far only full taxisigns and aircraft ways, working on models next
EDVE Braunschweig many models unknown
EDVI Höxter-Holzminden generic unknown nice wavy pasture
(none) Verden-Scharnhorst unknown unknown
EDWM Weser-Wümme airfield unknown unknown
EDWQ Ganderkesee-Atlas airfield generic unknown
EDWL Langeoog nothing unknown small island airfield
EDXH Helgoland Custom Scenery Taxidraw would need a way to model hight levels
(none) Menden-Barge unknown unknown glider field


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