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Benvingut al portal de desenvolupament d'aeronaus!

Torna al portal del desenvolupador

Si us plau visiteu el fòrum si no trobeu el que cerqueu.

Aeronaus, la part fonamental del vol

Sense cap aeronau, no existeix la simulació de vol. El desenvolupament d'aeronaus és una de les parts fonamentals d'un simulador de vol. Contribuir-hi és divertit i pot ser realitzat a tots els nivells d'experiència.

Estat de la classificació d'aeronaus

All the way back in May 2011, we adopted a new status-rating system for aircraft. So far, only a few have actually been rated, as can be seen in the list 'hockenberry' set up at Google Docs. If you're an aircraft developer and your aircraft is not on the list, please consider rating their status. All you'll need to know/do is described at Formalizing Aircraft Status. If you'd just like to get started contributing to FlightGear, this would also seem like an excellent way to get started.

Fer una aeronau · Fer un helicòpter
Modelatge · Animació de dials

Aircraft status · Aircraft maintenance
Creating custom splash screens
Configuring views · Adding walk view
Defining (speed) limits

Portal aircraft.png

Flight dynamics model
Adding thrust reversal · Airliner brake performance · Implementing pushback
Implementing aerial refueling
Writing a JSBSim fuel system · Naming fuel tanks
JSBSim Commander

Portal instrumentation.png

Creating instruments · Adding instruments
Making a clickable panel · Glass reflection effect
Control Display Unit · Ground proximity warning system
Designing an autopilot · GPS · Route manager
Soaring instrumentation sdk
Avionics resources

Portal modeling.png

3D aircraft models · Modelling guidelines
3D Model Rotates Around Nose
Animating models · Using a normal map
Adding lights · Implementing wing flex
Adding tyre smoke · Editing liveries
Importing and exporting
Resources · Normals and Transparency Tutorial
AC3D · Blender · SketchUp · Wings 3D