CORINE to materials mapping

This is the mapping between the CORINE landcover classes and the FlightGear materials that was developed for the Custom France Scenery.

See also the OSGeo wiki for an attempt at normalizing the landcover types (but the correspondence with FlightGear materials is not straightforward there).

See this illustrated nomenclature for details about the meaning of the CORINE classes.

CLC Code CLC Class Name Flightgear material (none=Default) Rationale
111 Continuous urban fabric Urban
112 Discontinuous urban fabric Town
121 Industrial or commercial units BuiltUpCover
122 Road and rail networks and associated land
123 Port areas
124 Airports Will be overridden by the AirportArea generated by genapts
131 Mineral extraction sites OpenMining
132 Dump sites
133 Construction sites
141 Green urban areas Urban
142 Sport and leisure facilities GolfCourse
211 Non-irrigated arable land DryCropPastureCover
212 Permanently irrigated land
213 Rice fields
221 Vineyards IrrCropPastureCover
222 Fruit trees and berry plantations IrrCropPastureCover
223 Olive groves
231 Pastures CropGrassCover
241 Annual crops associated with permanent crops
242 Complex cultivation patterns MixedCropPastureCover
243 Principally occupied by agriculture, with significant natural vegetation CropWoodCover
244 Agro-forestry areas
311 Broad-leaved forest DeciduousBroadCover
312 Coniferous forest EvergreenBroadCover
313 Mixed forest MixedForestCover
321 Natural grasslands GrassCover
322 Moors and heathland HerbTundraCover
323 Sclerophyllous vegetation HerbTundraCover
324 Transitional woodland-shrub ShrubCover
331 Beaches, dunes, sands Sand
332 Bare rocks Dirt A specific "Rock" material would be very welcome
333 Sparsely vegetated areas BarrenCover
334 Burnt areas
335 Glaciers and perpetual snow Glacier
411 Inland marshes Marsh
412 Peat bogs
421 Salt marshes
422 Salines Ocean A bit unsure about this one. Looking at aerial imagery, those zones are sometimes under water and sometimes dry.
423 Intertidal flats Littoral
511 Water courses Stream
512 Water bodies Lake
521 Coastal lagoons Lake
522 Estuaries Ocean
523 Sea and ocean Ocean