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Building FlightGear with osgEarth Integration

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  • You already have working branches of SG/FG and FG, you only need to add the simperative branches as remote tracking branches
  • $SG_SRC, $FG_SRC and $FG_ROOT must be clean checkouts, commit/stash any unsaved work and check out next/master first.

Building the osgEarth plugin

  • clone the repository:
    git clone -v -b 2.12-OsgEarthIntegration git@gitorious.org:fg/flightgear-osgearth.git flightgear
  • create a separate build directory
  • configure via CMake, set -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX matching your OSG/SG/FG installation path
  • run "make install"


Switch into your cloned SimGear repository, make sure that it is in a clean state (commit/stash any changes, switch to next)

## add a new remote alias 
git remote add simperative  git@gitorious.org:fg/simgear-osgearth.git

## fetch all branches
git fetch simperative

## check out a remote tracking branch named topics/osgearth
git checkout --track -b topics/osgearth simperative/2.12-OsgEarthIntegration


Switch into your cloned FlightGear repository, make sure that it is in a clean state (commit/stash any changes, switch to next)

git remote add simperative  git@gitorious.org:fg/flightgear-osgearth.git
git fetch simperative 
git checkout --track -b topics/osgearth simperative/2.12-OsgEarthIntegration