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Known Bugs

This section contains known and recorded bugs. It makes no claim to be a complete list, or even to be particularly accurate.

If the version number hasn't been released yet, that means that the fix is in CVS (this makes life easier maintaining the page - status doesn't have to be changed each release)

  • 0.9.8- Linux and perhaps Windows crahs when specifiying --lon or --lat

This version of flightgear an issue with starting coordinates that are lie on the bounchardary before tiles or coordinates.

Workround: Specify the latitude as a slight offset to what you require. Eg instad of --lon=16 make it --lon=16.0001 The difference visually is next to nothing. :-)

  • 0.9.5 - 0.9.8 - Windows - Crash on start reporting "Could not gen source"

This bug has been fixed in 0.9.8a

Any further reports or stacktraces on this bug would be appreciated. Workround: Launch two copies of FGFS in quick succession: one should work. You may need three. Update your sound card drivers.

  • 0.9.7 - ? Linux - Joystick crash with correct config files

This bug has been fixed.

Workround: Comment out any unused axes (and, possibly buttons) in the config file - if your joystick has 3 axes, comment out axes 4 through end.