Bell 206 JetRanger Helicopter

Bell 206
Type multipurpose utility helicopter
Author(s) MOJO, FG-TUX
--aircraft= Bell-206
Status Alpha
Download Download the Bell 206 aircraft package for the current stable release (2019.1).
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The Bell 206 is a family of two-bladed, single- or twin-engine helicopters, manufactured by Bell Helicopter. The Bell 206 in FlightGear was an early example for helicopter FDM configurations, that never had a maintainer, had a "poor FDM" (according to Maik Justus), and no 3D model. In 2011 developer named MOJO made a great 3D model and FG-TUX wrote the new FDM.

Performance Data

Maximum Speed: 139 mph

Rate of climb: 1,350 ft/min

Service Ceiling: 13,500 ft

Range: 430 mi

Aircraft help

  • } - Start engines
  • { - Shutdown engines
  • N - Toggle rotor brake
  • n - Apply rotor brake
  • To open and close the doors just click on it!


  • Default

Development status

  • Detailed 3D model & textures
  • Pilot model
  • External animations
  • Lights


  • None


  • Instruments

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