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Animated jetways at KSFO

Animated jetways can be set in motion by pilots arriving at terminals of airports in FlightGear that have had them added.

Jetways are the "tubes" that passengers use when entering or leaving aircraft docked to the passenger terminals.

Different types of jetways

There are at least two types of animated jetways in FlightGear, here called type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is more advanced than type 2.

Type 1
They can connect to your aircraft and also to AI or multiplayer aircraft, (almost) no matter where you stand and in which orientation, as long as you are near enough.
Type 2
You have to park very precisely, they do not connect to AI aircraft and they are not visible to other in multiplayer, etc.

Animated jetways type 1

1rightarrow.png See Howto:Animated jetways for the main article about this subject.

Known issues

The last 2 bugs (jetways.nas & jetways_edit.nas) are fixed in the git version of FGData flightgear/fgdata/dd3390b3afee955ba23dfd9334baf438bc7ae989 commit view

Here's another improved version of jetways.nas & jetways_edit.nas: Re: The animated jetway project post on the forum This is a link to the FlightGear forum.

Adding type 1 jetways to an airport

If you use them at your airport, try to find someone (Torsten D.) with commit rights to FGData or TerraSysnc's Airports/ folder and/or use them in your custom scenery.

Type 1 Jetways at KDEN


  • Rename Models/Airport/Jetway/jetway-movable.xml to jetway-movable.xml.bak


  • remove all <model> entries from Objects/w110n30/w105n39/KDEN_Concourse_C.xml

Type 1 Jetways at KLAS


  • Rename Models/Airport/Jetway/jetway-movable.xml to jetway-movable.xml.bak


  • remove all lines with OBJECT_SHARED Models/Airport/Jetway/jetway-movable.xml from Objects/w120n30/w116n36/1056643.stg

Type 1 Jetways at PANC


  • Rename Models/Airport/Jetway/jetway-movable.xml to jetway-movable.xml.bak


  • remove all lines with OBJECT_SHARED Models/Airport/Jetway/jetway-movable.xml from Objects/w150n60/w150n61/501192.stg

Type 1 Jetways at EGKK

  • create a folder Models/Airport/Jetway/backup and move jetway.xml, jetway-747-ba.xml, jetway-737-ba.xml, jetway-a320-ba.xml into that folder.


  • remove all lines with OBJECT_SHARED Models/Airport/Jetway/... from Objects/w010n50/w001n51/2941771.stg

Type 1 Jetways at EHAM

That is a tough one! The static jetways are part of the .ac file of the terminals e.g. Schiphol_Gate_E.ac. If you really want animated jetways there, you have to edit those terminal buildings in a 3D software like blender or sketchup. EHAM_gate.xml and EHAM_gate_2.xml also need to be fixed but that is easy: you can download them here: http://media.lug-marl.de/flightgear/jetways/

Type 1 Jetways at EDDF

EDDF has no other jetways except for Type1-Jetways at Terminal A+. So just put EDDF.jetways.xml into the Airports/E/D/D/ folder

Animated jetways type 2

You can find type 2 at EDDH, EDDK, EDDG and some other airports, They exist in three versions for aircraft with one, two or three doors:

  • jetway-movable.xml
  • jetway-movable-2.xml
  • jetway-movable-3.xml

Known issues

  • You click one of them and all others also move
  • Your aircraft has to park exactly aligned on the yellow line with the front wheel on the mark.
  • They only fit when the terminal building in front of the aircraft, you can not use them when the terminal building is on the side of the aircraft.
  • Movement is not visible via multiplayer

Adding type 2 jetways to an airport

Place them as a shared object with the ufo and submit the locations to to http://scenemodels.flightgear.org/. See Placing 3D Objects with the UFO.

Adding type 2 jetways to an aircraft

Add the following to your aircraft-set.xml, see the A380 as an example. You can find the right values by parking your aircraft at a type 2 jetway and setting the properties in /scenery/airport/jetway. In that way you don't have to restart FlightGear every time to check if your settings are right.


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