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|image =A340.png
|image =A340.png
|name =Airbus A340
|name =Airbus A340
| hangar = bermuda
|hangar = bermuda
|authors = Skyop/Ampere
|type =Airliner
|type =Airliner
|fdm =None
|fdm =None

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This includes the following models: A340-200, A340-300, A340-500, A340-600

The Airbus A340-600, the Airbus A340-313X and the Airbus A340-600HGW are also in development seperately to this model.

Airbus A340
Bermuda Triangle disappearance
Type Airliner
  • Skyop
  • Ampere
FDM None
Status Under development

Development status/Issues/Todo

Fuselage's status
Components Priorities Status
Belly fairing 1 completed
Cockpit windows 1 completed
Cabin windows 3 completed
Cabin doors 3 completed
Cargo doors 3 completed
Landing gear doors 2 completed
Radome 3 completed
Wings' status
Components Priorities Status
Flap track fairings 1 completed
Flaps 1 completed
Landing gear doors 2 completed
Slats 1 completed
Spoilers and speed brakes 1 completed
Wing root fairing 2 completed
Winglets 3 completed
Tail planes' status
Components Priorities Status
Elevator 2 completed
Horizontal tail plane 1 completed
Rudder 2 completed
Vertical tail plane 1 completed
Engine nacelles' status
Components Priorities Status
Engine nacelles 1 completed
Engine pylons 1 completed
Fan cowls 3 completed
Thrust reverse cowls 3 in progress
Thrust reverser petals 3 in progress
Landing gears' status
Components Priorities Status
Main gears 1 completed
Nose gear 1 completed
Tyres 1 completed