Airbus A320 Family

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This includes the following models: A320-111, A320-131, A320-211, A320-231, A320-family

Airbus A320
Type Narrow-body Commercial Airliner
Author(s) Ampere K. Hardraade, Skyop
--aircraft= A320-111, A320-131, A320-211, A320-231
Status Early production
 Repository The development repository of the Airbus A320.

The Airbus A320 is a narrow body commercial passenger jet manufactured by Airbus Industries. Designed for short- to medium- hauls, the aircraft was a pioneer of fly-by-wire technology and regularly competes with the Boeing 737. Variants of the A320 include the Airbus A318, the Airbus A319, and the Airbus A321. The "A320 Enhanced" program aims to further improve the A320 family with longer range and better fuel economy.

Development of the A320 for FlightGear has been postponed for some time and is expected to resume by the beginning of 2011.


  • A320-111: Airbus A320-111 with CFM56 engines
  • A320-131: Airbus A320-131 with IAE2500 engines
  • A320-211: Airbus A320-211 with CFM56 engines
  • A230-231: Airbus A320-231 with IAE2500 engines

Development status

Currently there are two variants of the A320 in existence: the original A320 model by Frédéric Bouvier and the new A320-family by Ampere and Skyop, available from the development thread.


  • Pushback
  • Contrails
  • Lights
  • Tire smoke
  • Reverse thrust
  • Various cockpit improvements (new instruments, full texturing, sidestick fixes, etc.)
  • Basic cargo hold
  • Passenger cabin
  • Engine fire system
  • UV mapping fixes
  • Openable doors
  • Autostart command
  • Walk system
  • New views (Gear View, Passenger View, and Copilot View)


See also: first post of development thread

  • Fix landing gear animation
  • Improve cargo holds
  • Improve 3D cockpit
  • Custom autopilot with auto-mach throttle
  • Dual control system

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