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|status-model = 0
|status-model = 0
|fgname = A310-300
|fgname = A310-300
|download = https://github.com/FGMEMBERS/A310
}}'''This aircraft is in develoment by ACJZA'''
}}'''This aircraft is in develoment by ACJZA'''

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Airbus A310-300
Bermuda Triangle disappearance
Type Airliner
Author(s) Icecode and Star and ACJZA
--aircraft= A310-300
Status Beta
 FDM Stars-3.png
 Systems Stars-4.png
 Cockpit Stars-3.png
 Model Stars-0.png
Download Download the aircraft package.
This aircraft is in develoment by ACJZA

The Airbus A310-300 is a medium- to long-range twin-engine widebody jet airliner. Launched in July 1978, it was the second aircraft created by Airbus, the consortium of European aerospace companies, which is now owned by EADS. The A310 is a shortened derivative of the A300, the first twin-engined widebody airliner.

Aircraft help

Key Function
Ctrl+b Speedbrakes
Del Reverse thrust

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