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Boeing 727 Series
octal450 hangar
The 727-200 Advanced
The 727-200 Advanced
The 727-200 Virtual Cockpit
The 727-200 Virtual Cockpit
Type Airliner
Configuration Low wing aircraft, Monoplane aircraft, Retractable gear aircraft, Tricycle landing gear aircraft
Propulsion Trijet (Jet aircraft, Three-engine aircraft)
Manufacturer Boeing
Author(s) Joshua Davidson (Octal450)
--aircraft= 727-200
Status Beta
 FDM Stars-3.png
 Systems Stars-2.png
 Cockpit Stars-3.png
 Model Stars-3.png
 Repository The development repository of the Boeing 727 Series.
Download Download the aircraft package.
Forum 'Boeing 727 Series' topic on the FlightGear forum.

The Boeing 727-200 Series is worked on by it0uchpods in his spare time, and we plan to make it as complex as possible.

General Information

Decent Virtual Cockpit, with basic instruments. Decent 3D Model, and multiple liveries. Active development by it0uchpods!


  • 727-200 Advanced (JT8D-17R)
  • 727-200 Super 27 (1/3: JT8D-219, 2: JT8D-17R)

Planned Models:

  • 727-200
  • Separate Freighter varients

See the right InfoBox for the Repository, or Download. Remember to rename the aircraft's folder to "727-200".

In Progress/Completed

This list contains items which are working, or have been completed.

  • V1.0 Progress: 10}% completed
  • Virtual Cockpit
  • Custom Block V Autopilot/Flight Director
  • Fully Custom EPR Calculation
  • Flight Dynamics Engine (JSBsim)

To Do

This list contains items that still need to be done.

  • More systems
  • FDM Tuning (as always)
  • Autoflight improvements (as always)
  • Alot more

Aircraft help

Key Function
1 Show Captains View
2 Show First Officers View
F1 Disengage/Decrease Reverse Thrust
F2 Engage/Increase Reverse Thrust
E Set Idle Thrust
DEL Toggle Thrust Reversers
CTRL+B Cycle Spoilers
Shift+B Toggle Parking Brake