Fokker 50

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Fokker 50
Fokker 50 in Denim Air livery
Fokker 50 in Denim Air livery
Type Airliner
Author(s) Erik Hofman, Charlie Andrews


Status Early-development

A Fokker 50 in the manufacturer livery of Fokker.
Fokker 50 in KLM colors.
The cockpit of the Fokker 50 (v20110905)
Wide angle view of cockpit console and overhead panel ( v20110905)
Detail and shading of the Fokker 50 in flight

The Fokker 50 is a turboprop-powered airliner, designed as a refinement of and successor to the highly successful Fokker F27 Friendship.

The Fokker 50 is a two turboprop powered airliner.

The first Fokker 50 can be seen at the Dutch Aviodrome museum (at Lelystad Airport in the Netherlands).

Aircraft help

The cockpit lighting can be switched on and off on the central console. Look down and right! That only works in OSG, as do the other clickable cockpit objects.

To twiddle knobs (OSG only again, I'm afraid! Use LMB to increment by 1, MMB to decrement by one. The scroll wheel increases and decreases in larger steps. At least it will if your mouse buttons are mapped in the same way that mine are! Hold the mouse cursor over the standby digits of NAV/COM/ADF boxes to adjust, then press the button to flip the freqs. You can also adjust CDIs and the heading bug using the FMP on the glareshield.


  • Rotate at approx 95 kts.


  • Vref (target speed for crossing the threshold on landing) will be fine at about 95 kts again, with flap 25
    • 35 is the max flap setting, use it for steep approaches only

Development status/Issues/Todo

3D Cockpit:

  • 3D cockpit being modelled, co-ordinated by FokkerCharlie.
  • Some cockpit furniture still missing
  • Power Lever quadrant not textured


  • Engine sound in cockpit does not differ from outside engine sound
  • Engines and props could use some tuning, prop ground range not yet modelled.
  • Antialiasing ugliness (still) on the EFIS display.

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