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This is meant to become a list of free shell providers whose features and TOS may be interesting for FlightGear-related efforts (such as for example setting up additional multiplayer servers).

This list should be regularly updated.

Please note that you'll normally only be interested in this list if you do have previous experience working in a linux shell environment and already know how to compile source code.

Also, during registration all services will require varying degrees of information about the nature of the work you intend to do with the shell account, so be prepared to provide a short introduction about FlightGear.


(feel free to add directories of free shell providers)

fgms - FlightGear Multiplayer Server

Technical Requirements

accounts should fulfill these requirements:

  • inbound/outbound network access
  • no bandwidth limitations
  • no restrictions on background processes
  • compiler available
  • ability to run daemon processes (listen)
  • at least 50 mb of space

Possible Candidates (unverified)

Note: These are unverified candidates that merely appear to fulfill the technical requirements outlined above, they have currently not yet been tested-once you do test any of these services, please do update these entries in order to reflect success/failure. Thanks!

Confirmed Candidates

(none so far)

Boilerplate Application

TODO: provide a template for account requests for fgms usage, so that users can copy/paste and modify/customize this request.

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