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This is meant to eventually become a standard inquiry for people who want to ask for permission to use copyrighted work (i.e. images, 3D models, textures etc.) with FlightGear. By writing up a standard inquiry, people can easily copy/paste, modify this inquiry and send it to the individual copyright holders of the affected work. That way, we can slowly start to have one generic text document that people can easily use to send such standard inquiries to authors of copyrighted works.

This document should preferably at least discuss the following points:

  • FlightGear, free open source, cross-platform flight simulator (link to webpage, link to wikipedia entry)
  • non commercial project, developed by dozens of volunteers (link to contributor map)
  • used by several academic institutions for scientific projects (provide examples
  • depends on contributions (i.e. source code, 3D modelling, documentation writing etc.)
  • licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, link to GNU license text and wikipedia entry
  • explain the basics of the GPL, rights, advantages and duties
  • explain why only GPL compatible (or possibly public domain) work can be officially integrated with FlightGear
  • provide examples for community support of FlightGear (previously contributed resources)
  • provide arguments for supporting FlightGear
  • supporters will be mentioned on the FlightGear webpage and in the Thanks file
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