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Painted lines

Line Type Code Painted lines
0 Nothing.
1 Solid yellow line
2 Broken yellow line
3 Broken yellow line
4 Two broken yellow lines and two solid yellow lines. Broken line on left of string.
5 Broken yellow line with parallel solid yellow line. Broken line on left of string.
6 Yellow cross-hatched line.
7 Solid yellow line with broken yellow line on each side.
8 Widely separated, broken yellow line.
9 Widely separated, broken double yellow line.
51-59 Line types 1-9 above with a black border.
Wide markings
10 Single Taxi Wide.
11 Taxi Hold Wide.
12 Double Taxi Hold Wide.
13 Other Hold Wide.
14 ILS Hold Wide.
60-64 Line types 10-14 above with a black border.
Road markings
20 Solid white line
21 White chequerboard pattern
22 Broken white line
23 Road Dash
24 Road Edge Wide
25 Road Dash Wide
70-75 Line types 20-25 above with a black border.
Other markings
30 Red line
31 Red Dash Line
80-81 Line types 30-31 above with a black border.
40 Orange Line
41 Blue Line
42 Green Line
90-92 Line types 40-42 above with a black border.