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  • {{{date}}}: FlightGear [[Changelog {{{version}}}|{{{version}}}]] {{{codename}}} released
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This template is used for showing FlightGear release dates in the {{news}} template displayed on the Main Page.

The template will show translated texts depending on the language prefix of the page it is on. If there is no translation it will fall back to English.


{{Localized Release Announcement |date= |version= |lang=}}

All parameters but lang are mandatory.

Date of the release in <Month> <d>, <yyyy> format, for example January 18, 2018.
Version of the release, for example 3.4.
Language override for testing and demonstration purposes.


{{Localized Release Announcement |date=January 18, 2018 |version=3.4}}

  • January 18, 2018: FlightGear 3.4 {{{codename}}} released

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