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  • all these questions are based on GSoc 2008, so update with questions from 2010 (and 2011) accordingly if required


March 2010

Until we need something better, lets keep the discussions on this page. They will be easily tracked and it is simple to link to related pages.

--Willie 20:49, 23 March 2010 (UTC)

Import of previous contributions

FlightGear - Google Summer of Code 2011 Co-ordination Committee

 What is important is that stuff gets written down and shared. Feel free to invite others.
 Find out how many student slots we can apply for
Participating projects 2010 Each individual projects ideas page will be a good place to get inspiration   151 projects in total are accepted as mentors for 2010.
add a "stick your name here" section to the GSoC wiki page so we can see who is wanting to be on the committee
CLO: you can add my name, Curt Olson) to the list of those willing to be part of the "committee". DONE WF
find out if OpenProj is acceptable as a planning tool to everyone
calm down and ask "Do we need a full-fledged project planning app for this?"  
(CLO: we would need someone to definitely take ownership of a project management site if we set it up . it's way too easy to set something up and never actually use it because it does induce some overhead.)
 Publicise #FG-GSoC on
  8. Add to list of ideas for student projects -> UAV/Aerial-robotics projects using FlightGear or expanding FlightGear to be more useful and    featureful in that realm (hardware in the loop, software in the loop, sensor modeling, guidance & control,
aerodynamics modeling of uav scale aircraft -- w/ Curt offering to mentor the uav related stuff)
  9. Question:  Not everyone has time to camp out on IRC all day, Curt votes for IRC being an option, but not necessarily required to be in the
critical path of all participants?  post the IRC logs so that non-campers can catch up?  GSoC docs mention IRC quite prominently but I take your 

point - I get a lot more done when not IRCing I dont think it should be critical, strongly recommended to "show face" once a week or so perhaps but not 100% crirtical

 10. Follow advice of BZFlag and get agreement of ground rules early - everything GPL, regular reporting etc etc
 11. list of project proposal ideas at
 12. This document is now available at
 13. OK so we missed the bus this year - why don't we offer our own code bounty similar to GSoC? On a much smaller scale with smaller rewards.
People have been asking how they can contribute monetarily to FG. A few folk chipping in 20 EUR, GBP or USD would make a decent bounty.
We'd need to choose the student and mentor him/her just like in GSoC. They'd learn, we'd learn, we'd (hopefully) get useful code AND we don't
need to wait till next year.  Discuss. [An issue here is to set up the FlightGear Foundation/Trust]
 14. ------ Flight Gear Foundation seems like a good idea - Blender has one - what are the implications?
 15. It might be an idea to break the ideas down in areas, eg:
 16. Graphics (Scenery, Airports)
 17. * Rounded taxiways - revamp of taxidraw
 18. Networking (mpserver, protocols)
 19. * ATC: Currently the Multiplayer is aimed at the gamer. To further develop MultiPlayer to be more world like, mililar to Vatsim and IVAO.
 20. * MP Protocol/Servers: rework mp protocol to include "groups", where groups could be "Professional ATC'ers", or events based, etc
 21. Systems (Navigation, Autopilots)
 22. * AutoPilot: the current ap implementation is quite simple and has a few fundamental flaws, eg Mode Switching from NAV to HDG can causes a 

jump. A project would be to fix this by creating a cascading autopilot eg airelons << pitch << climb rate << ALT hold

 23. We're mixing up related projects and systems here - taxidraw and FGMS are not FlightGear