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Cquote1.png Aircraft developers should tag their interior models, as explained at Modelling guidelines Search the page for <usage>interior</usage>.
— Gijs (Jan 3rd, 2016). Re: Hide cockpit at Helicopter view?.
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Cquote1.png Every time you're switching the scene, you need to shuffle stuff in and out of GPU memory (mesh, textures, normals, tangents, binormals, vertex attributes, you name it). If you're well endowed with GPU memory, that's not an issue as stuff can simply be buffered. If you're not, it may require to access normal memory - or even harddisk in extreme cases. There's really nothing we can 'do' about this - if you don't have the memory to buffer stuff that has been unloaded, you'll have to fetch it from disk every time you see it.
— Thorsten (Dec 29th, 2015). Re: Hide cockpit at Helicopter view?.
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