Sukhoi Su-26M

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Sukhoi Su-26M
Su-26 over the Golden Gate Bridge
Su-26 over the Golden Gate Bridge
Type 1-engine piston
Author(s) Enrique Laso Leon
Status Alpha v1.0
The Sukhoi Su-26M is an unlimited aerobatic aircraft designed by the Sukhoi OKB.

The structure of the fuselage is a welded steel truss with fiber reinforced plastic panels. The wing has a CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) spar alleged to withstand 24g before breaking. The Su-26 replaced the Yak-55 family as the main soviet mount for international aerobatics competitions.

The basic model was soon replaced by the more capable Su-26M (improved) and an export version was made available as the Su-26MKh (Su-26MX in cyrillic alphabet). The Su-26M had refined tail surfaces and a new German MTV-9 3-bladed propeller. The Su-26 was replaced by the even more capable Su-31 featuring a CFRP fuselage, a bubble canopy and optionally, a lightweight ejection seat. Another development is the 2-seat Su-29

Similar aircraft include the Extra 300, and Mudry CAP-232. The UK Red Bull Matadors used the Su-26M.

The Su-26MKh is depicted in FlightGear with a 3-blade propeller and a 450HP M-14PF. The instrumentation is in metric system.

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