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Lockheed C-130 Hercules

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|name = Lockheed C-130 Hercules
|type = 4-engine turboprop transport
|livery = greyFrench Air Force
|fdm = JSBsim, YASim
|status =
|authors =BARANGER Baranger Emmanuel (3D), FABERT Fabert Didier (texture), Jettoo (FDM), GEOFFROY Geoffroy Pierre (Engines)|fgname =<tt>c130, c130-jsbsim<br/> , c130-yasim</tt>|download =http://flightgear.org/Downloads/aircraft/#C130
c130==Aircraft help=={| class="prettytable"!Key!Function|-jsbsim: C130 Hercules (JSBSim)c130: C130 Hercules|D|Open/Close backdoor|-|d|Open/Close crew door|-|S|Start engine smok|-|u|Stop engine smoke|-c130|Ctrl-yasim: C130 Hercules (YASim)jAuthor: BARANGER Emmanuel (3D), FABERT Didier (texture), Jettoo (FDM), GEOFFROY Pierre (Engines)|ParachutistVersion: v20080212|}
== External links ==
* [http://helijah.free.fr/flightgear/hangar.htm Helijah's Hangar]
=== See also ===
*[[Table of models]]
== External links ==
*[http://helijah.free.fr/flightgear/hangar.htm Helijah's Hangar]
[[Category:Military aircraft]]

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