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FlightGear Newsletter April 2016

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Scenery LOD Rationalization
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=== Scenery LOD Rationalization ===
Previously, the LOD ranges of random objects, trees, buildings and STG objects were set variously by materials.xml and fixed values. This was very inconsistent and wasn't controlled by the user. They have now been made consistent to use the /sim/rendering/static-lod/rough property which can be set from the LOD GUI dialog. There are a couple of impacts of this:
* Scenery developers, and particularly those doing regional materials should not set the "tree-range-m" for random vegetation or the "range-m" property for random objects.
* Scenery models should not use the LOD animation to control when the entire model becomes visible - this is now set appropriately by the sim itself. It may still be valuable to use the LOD to hide small details.
== In the hangar ==

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