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Canvas ND Framework

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Encapsulating Properties
|date=<nowiki>Tue Jul 08</nowiki>
|1= Regarding the ND, it has something called a "driver hash" where all the position/orientation getters are turned into functions that can be overridden for arbitrary purposes - and that is how the ND code can be also used for showing NDs from the perspective of arbitrary AI/MP aircraft - I guess, you would want to take a look at that.
For testing purposes, you could use a standalone ND/map and configure the driver hash to use one of the dual/shared control aircraft in your MP property tree.
For some more background info, see: [http://forum.flightgear.org/search.php?st=0&amp;sk=t&amp;sd=d&amp;sr=posts&amp;keywords=NDSourceDriver search.php?st=0&amp;sk=t&amp;sd=d&amp;sr=posts&amp;keywords=NDSourceDriver]
|2= {{cite web
| url = http://forum.flightgear.org/viewtopic.php?p=280611#p280611
| title = <nowiki>Re: Dual control for Boeing 777</nowiki>
| author = <nowiki>Hooray</nowiki>
| date = Mar 26th, 2016
| added = Mar 26th, 2016
| script_version = 0.25

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