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Howto:Reassign keyboard bindings

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By enabling special debugging output: Switch from the old {{git file}} to {{fgdata source}} to update the broken and old Gitorious link.
=== By enabling special debugging output ===
If the key isn't listed in keyboard.xml, the last option is to enable some helpful output to see what the correct keycode is. Uncomment {{git file|gitorious|fg/fgdatasource|master|path=keyboard.xml|line=39|pre=line #34 of <nowiki> </nowiki> }} and run with the <tt>--console</tt> option, if on windows, and look at the console to see each keycode for each key. Make sure you can see the output as you press keys, or you won't know which is which! When I press and release {{key press|a}}, I get this output:
<syntaxhighlight lang="nasal">

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