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Template:Gitlab clone

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Switch to {{repo link/doc 3rd party infrastructure clone}} for the documentation.
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{{Informative template|1=__NOTOC__== Goal ==To provide a consistent representation of the command to repo link/doc 3rd party infrastructure clone GitLab repositories. == Usage == {{obr}}'''openscenegraph co''' {{!}} ''opt'' | label = {{!}} ''proj'' = {{!}} ''repo'' = {{!}} ''path'' = {{!}} ''post'' = {{cbr}} ; opt: Any additional options to show after <code>git clone</code>. ; proj: The name of the project, consisting of a grouping of repositories on the open source infrastructure. ; repo: The name of the repository. A GitLab project allows for multiple repositories under that project name. ; post: Any optional text to show after the URL. == Example =| site =gitlabThis should produce the text <code><nowiki>svn co osg</nowiki></code>.  {{obr}}openscenegraph co{{cbr}} {{openscenegraph co}} === Checkout of trunk with user name ==| examples =
This should produce the text <code><nowiki>git clone -v</nowiki></code>.
| repo = extra500
== Related templates ==
{{repo link/doc related}}
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