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High-Level Architecture

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Current Status
* '''fgtraffic''' - to run an AI Scenario externally to the FG Core
* '''fgmetar''' - written in python that retrieves the closest METAR station for other published Federates and publishes the METAR for them to pick up. This could be expanded to provide [[FGPythonSys#Weather_Simulation|a general Weather Engine]].
Stuart now has the [[AI]] Manager working as an external binary, and publishing updates over the RTI which are displayed as MP Aircraft. Stuart has created a little python script that looks for objects with locations being published over the RTI and publishes the closest METAR to them, then modified FG to pick up the appropriate METAR string for this instance and use it as the real-time input for weather generation.
The python script could be fairly easily enhanced into a more substantial weather engine allowing a single coherent weather environment to be used across the simulation. Stuart also started work modifying [[FGViewer]] so that it works with SimKit. This is a fairly big deal and quite a bit of fairly dull plumbing work but would allow us at least have a view of the simulation entirely separate from the running simulation.
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Separately, Erik has been doing some preparatory work suitable for supporting HLA in JSBSim by adopting so called PropertyObjects to hopefully get rid of tied properties (
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