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Template:Simgear commit

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Template simplification and standardisation by conversion into a subtemplate of the {{repo link}} master template, and use of the {{repo link/doc commit}} documentation template.
{{#if: {{{1repo link|}}} <!-- Is the commit defined? -->site = sf | <!-- Yes, the commit is definedproj -->[http://sourceforge.net/p/flightgear/= simgear/ci/| commit = {{{1|next}}} <!--| view -->= commit| text = {{#if: {{{t1|}}} <!-- Is a custom label defined? --> | <!-- Yes, a custom label is defined -->{{{t}}} text| <!-- No, a custom label is not defined -->SimGear commit {{{1}}} }}]} | <!-- No, the commit is not defined. Throw an error. --><big style="color:red;">{{tl|simgear commit}} Missing parameter '''commit'''</big> }}
{{Informative template|1=
== Goal ==
This template can be used when linking to summaries of commits to the SimGear Git repository at SourceForge.
== Usage ==
{{obr}}'''simgear commit'''{{!}}commit {{!}}''t=''{{cbr}}
; commit: The commit to link to. Mandatory
; t: Optional custom link label
== Examples ==
<nowiki>{{simgear commit|c1b579ec}}</nowiki>
{{simgear commit|c1b579ec}}
<nowiki>The surface light restriction {{simgear commit|1a752d28 |t=has been lifted}}.</nowiki>
The surface light restriction {{simgear commit|1a752d28 |t=has been lifted}}.
== Related templates ==
=== Commit link templates ===
* {{tl|fgaddon revision}}
* {{tl|fgdata commit}}
* {{tl|flightgear commit}}
=== Source link templates ===
* {{tl|fgaddon url}}
* {{tl|fgdata file}}
* {{tl|simgear file}}
* {{tl|flightgear file}}
{{repo link/doc commit
| label = SimGear
| repo = simgear
| eg1commit = c1b579ec
| eg2intro = The surface light restriction
| eg2commit = 1a752d28
| eg2text = has been lifted
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