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Help:Your first article

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You can also create an article as a subpage to your user page if you know that you will be working on the article a bit now and then, but do not want to leave an unfinished article in the article namespace. You can create a subpage to your user page by giving it the name '''User:''User name''/''Article name'''''. To make it easier to find you can make a link to it on your user page. When you are more or less done, you can then move this page to the article space.
=== Search first, then and create ===In essence: Search first, then create. 
To create a new article, please start by using the search function. This way you will find if there already is an article with that name or if there is one with a very similar name. If there is no article with that name you will be presented with the option to create that page. Click on the red link to open up an edit window.

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