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Howto:Exposing Subsystems to Nasal

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This will include patches to all 3 repositories of FlightGear, i.e. SimGear, FlightGear and fgdata.
== Status Approach ==We will be providing additional methods to obtain access to otherwise private fields/data (members) and make those available to FGNasalSys.
== Roadmap ==
* extend SGTimerQueue to provide methods for getting the size of the queue {{Not done}}
* extend SGEventMgr to dump that info to the console via the SG_LOG macro {{Not done}}
* add a counter to keep track of timers registered via settimer/maketimer {{Not done}}
* add a counter to keep track of listeners registered via setlistener {{Not done}}
* add a per-frame resetting counter to keep track of callback invocations per frame {{Not done}}
== Status ==
== Patching ==

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