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Eurocopter EC130 B4

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Updates after FG 2016 version
== Updates after FG 2016 version ==
[[File:H130 Air Zermatt.png|thumb|290px|right|H130 of Air Zermatt]]
[[File:H130 MH BH fgfs-screen-004001.png|thumb|290px|right|new Maverick Blue Hawaiian H130]][[File:H130 GC fgfs-screen-002.jpg|thumb|290px|right|Grand Canyon Helicopters H130 version]][[File:H130 BH MH fgfs-screen-003004.png|thumb|290px|right|new Blue Hawaiian Maverick Helicopters H130 version]]
After '''FG 2016''' release the following improvements are done. If you are interested in the newest features see [https://gitlab.com/mhab/ec130 '''Gitlab development repository''']
<gallery widths=200 heights=140px>
File:H130 new air intake and passengers.png|H130 new air intake and passengers
File:H130 people fgfs-screen-019.jpg|View from inside with passengers
File:EC130 stretcher-001.png|Stretcher empty
File:EC130 stretcher patient-003.png|Patient on stretcher with backrest lifted
File:H130 people fgfs-screen-001.jpg|People seated, click to place/remove them

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