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Release plan

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A basic schedule from
{{note|In general, release are referred to by their first two digits (e.g., 3.4). However, when filing a bug report or debugging problems, it is a good idea to give the full release number.}}
== Detailed time schedule and checklist ==
# (On the 17th of the release month): The first Jenkins script is triggered to create <code>release/xxxx.x.0</code> branches with version xxxx.x.0.
# Jenkins creates the binaries for xxxx.x.1.
# Patches going into the <code>release/xxxx.x.0</code> branch automatically trigger a new build with a increase of the revision version number (see [[#2016.1 and after|above]]) and we immediately have a bugfix release.
# On the <code>next</code> branch, the version number is changed.
# Nightly builds are created from <code>next</code> after every push in that branch.
The process is repeated after a set number of months (to-be-decided).
# '''Dec/Jun 17th:''' Development stream is declared "frozen" or "yellow"
##Send a mail to the flightgear-devel mailing-list to announce the state, add a call for screenshots

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